Aktobe region to create over 9,000 new jobs
9 June 2022 08:12

Aktobe region to create over 9,000 new jobs

AKTOBE. KAZINFORM It is planned to create over 9,000 new jobs in Aktobe region under the regional employment roadmap, Kazinform reports.

As head of the regional employment and social programs coordination department Aslanbek Shuinshaliyev said, the regional roadmap suggests the development of 272 projects generating 9,222 workplaces.

Besides, the national entrepreneurship development project for 2021-2025 plans to help over 53,000 jobless find jobs. 26.5% of them have already obtained employment and 14,000 attend short-term vocational courses.

Notably, last year 176 young people were employed as part of the First job and Contract of generations projects. 300 more will be employed this year.

Another efficient public employment facilitating mechanism is the extension of non-recoverable grants. This year it is targeted to grant some 500 young people and 1,000 socially vulnerable people.