Atyrau builds Golden Horde epoch ethnic auyl
29 October 2021 13:10

Atyrau builds Golden Horde epoch ethnic auyl

ATYRAU. KAZINFORM Participants of the international scientific conference Ulyq Ulys-Altyn Orda (Golden Horde) visited the ancient settlement Saraishyq of the Golden Horde epoch, Kazinform reports.

The Khan Ordaly Saraishyq museum complex opened in 1999. It includes the museum, mosque and khan’s pantheon. The ethnic auyl was built as part of celebrations of the 750th anniversary of the Golden Horde.

An exhibition featuring artifacts unearthed in the Araltobe and Miyaly burial mounds was inaugurated there. 315 exponents, including the Golden Man, are on display. There are also exhibitions of craftsmen, such as goldsmith, ceramists, weavers in the ethnic auyl.

Today they are expected to visit Zhylyoi district to survey the first underground mosque built by Beket ata.