Baikonur to extend COVID-19 quarantine
22 October 2021 19:00

Baikonur to extend COVID-19 quarantine

BAIKONUR. KAZINFORM The coronavirus spread prevention headquarters of Baikonur city decided to extend COVID-19 quarantine, Kazinform reports.

The sitting of the headquarters debated the current issues concerning sanitary and epidemiological situation not only in the territory of Baikonur but also in adjacent villages of Tyuratam and Akai, vaccination efforts and expediency of additional restrictive measures.

Following the meeting the head of the city administration, Konstanit Bussygin, signed the decree on extension of coronavirus quarantine in the territory of Baikonur until 00:00 November 14, 2021.

Since the pandemic outbreak there were reported 2,786 coronavirus cases, 143 new cases for the past two weeks. 28 patients are staying in the infectious diseases hospitals. The death toll rose to 123 since the start of pandemic.

The existing restrictions imposed earlier remain in place.

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