Our main task is to ensure people’s access to quality education – Alikhan Smailov
1 February 2022 13:39

Our main task is to ensure people’s access to quality education – Alikhan Smailov

NUR-SILTAN. KAZINFORM – Prime Minister of Kazakhstan Alikhan Smailov spoke of the tasks to develop new approaches to education and science, Kazinform correspondent reports.

«Our main task is to ensure widespread access of the people to quality education at all levels. In addition, at the initiative of the Head of State 2020 was accounted the Year of Children. It is important to make sure it is filled with serious, development and educational measures. In preschool education it is necessary to enhance quality assessment tools and introduce early childhood development indicators universally accepted in the world,» said the Kazakh PM during a government session.

As for secondary education it is important to focus on achieving the same quality of education in cities and villages, develop the functional literacy of students, and comprehensive education of the individual, the PM said.

Smailov instructed to carry out work to increase the number of nearby after-school organizations, free school clubs, sports clubs, and backyard clubs.

«The system of vocational education must be reformed further, fully modifying its quality, approaches and logistics. It is important to establish widespread patronage of enterprises over colleges. They must attract not only the youth, but also employers, investors as well as provide not only traditional, but also short-term educational programs,» said the PM.

Also, Smailov reminded of the Head of State’s task to develop higher education, especially vocational education.

«In the conditions of industrialization and digitalization educated technical specialists with modern approaches and skills are needed most. A reboot of higher education is necessary to increase competitiveness of domestic universities, to educate a new highly-qualified generation. It is important to step up the work in this direction and take concrete measures to open offices, campuses of famous universities,» said the Kazakh PM.

To expand access of the youth to higher education it is planned to increase the amount o public order, including for students from the western regions by allocating extra 10 thousand grants for technical specialties.