Population of Kyrgyzstan makes 6.7 mln people
23 May 2022 21:14

Population of Kyrgyzstan makes 6.7 mln people

BISHKEK. KAZINFORM - As of January 1, 2022, the permanent population of the republic amounted to 6.7 million people, according to a brief statistical guide of the National Statistical Committee «Kyrgyzstan,» Kabar reports.

According to data of the magazine, on average 34 people are per 1 square kilometer in the republic.

The population of the capital city of Bishkek at the beginning of 2022 was 1.1 million people.

Large cities: Osh (333.6 thousand people), Jalal-Abad (125.5 thousand people), Karakol (85.6 thousand people), Tokmok (71.6 thousand people), Uzgen (64.0 thousand people) ).

The largest region in terms of area is Naryn (45.2 thousand sq. km). The most densely populated regions are Osh and Chui (49 people per 1 sq. km).

At present, the system of the administrative-territorial structure of the republic includes 7 oblasts and 2 cities of republican significance, 40 regions, 32 cities, 9 urban-type settlements, 3 settlements and 452 village councils.