Terms of Use

1.      General terms

1.1.Kazinform International News Agency (hereinafter referred to as Kazinform) owns the website.

1.2.Any person granted access to the website shall be the user of the website (hereinafter referred to as the User).

1.3.By using the website, the User shall accept and is obliged to comply with the hereinafter contained provisions of the present Terms of Use.

1.4.Kazinform reserves the right to make changes, in part or in whole, to the present Terms of Use, without notifying the Users. All changes to the present Terms of Use shall be effective immediately upon their availability on the website.

1.5.The following definitions shall be used in the present Terms of Use:

-          a news item is a brief information report;

-          an analytical (round-up) article is a text in the form of research of a specific problem with the proof of cause and effect links and conclusions;

-          an interview is the conversation of a correspondent with an interviewee intended for further dissemination via mass media;

-          infographics are the graphic materials posted on the website, charts, diagrams, block diagrams, tables, maps, lists, illustrations, logos;

-          photo material is the photographic image made with a digital camera;

-          video material is the visual information made with various devices for further storage and reproduction on the output device;

-          audio material is the sound recording made with various technical devices.


2.      Terms of use of materials available on the website.

2.1.Any reproduction, republication and further redistribution of the materials mentioned in the paragraph 1.5 of the present Terms of Use is expressly prohibited without the prior written consent of Kazinform, except for the news materials that can be used without written consent. Use of news materials is prohibited in case they contain "Unauthorized use prohibited" copyright notice.

2.2.The news materials posted of the website can be redistributed only after the original text is reworked. When redistributing the reworked material the User shall place a direct hyperlink to Kazinform's original text at the beginning of the material and specify the source by mentioning Kazinform ("Kazinform International News Agency reports");

2.3.Use of materials received by Kazinform from its foreign partners and materials with "Unauthorized use prohibited" copyright notice is prohibited;

2.4.Upon receipt of written consent from Kazinform on use of inforgraphics, photo, video and audio materials available on the website the User shall not be able to edit those materials.


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