Zhambyl rgn closes infectious diseases hospitals as COVID-19 situation stabilizes
18 March 2022 17:20

Zhambyl rgn closes infectious diseases hospitals as COVID-19 situation stabilizes

TARAZ. KAZINFORM - The COVID-19 situation is stabilizing in Zhambyl region, Kazinform correspondent reports.

According to the COVID-19 spread map, Zhambyl region is in the «green zone».

The press service of Zhambyl region's health office informed that as of today, the occupancy of infectious diseases beds stands at 12% and that of intensive care beds 17%.

«Over the past day, the coronavirus infection has been registered in one person and one case of COVID-19-like pneumonia has been recorded. 50 people, of whom 12 are in intensive care units, are at the infectious diseases hospitals of the region,» said the health office.

Zhambyl region's phthisiopulmonology center cut 50 infectious diseases beds, including five intensive care units switching to the planned schedule of operation providing emergency and planned care to the people.

The number of infectious diseases beds for kids was also downsized by 95 at the region's infectious diseases hospital, including nine intensive care beds.

«631,300 people over 18 years old are subject to vaccination in Zhambyl region. Of these, 623,181 people have received both components of vaccines and 230,207 people booster shots. 421,795 people have been administered Sputnik V vaccine. Pfizer has been given to 122,489 people, of whom 107,542 are teens. Zhambyl region residents can get Sinopharm Vero Cell, QazCovid-in vaccines as a booster,» reads the statement of the health office of the region.

Notably, the biggest numbers of people who contracted the coronavirus infection were registered in Taraz city, Kordai, Shu, and Baizaksk districts in Zhambyl region. Less people contracted the virus in Maiynkumsk district.

The region has 10 labs with a total capacity of 4,020 PCR tests a day as well as 54 vaccination sites, 16 of which are in cities and 29 in districts.